We go that extra-mile for your safety

With the help of technology, we ensure your safety at all levels of your journey with WhistleDrive

Safety features in our applications

Number Masking

To ensure employee privacy, all the calls between employees and drivers are connected with a bridge number and are connected only via application during the ride.

SOS Alert

In case of any emergencies, the employees can use the SOS feature to alert the admins with your location details and also your live location will be shared with all the emergency contacts simultaneously. i.e friends/family

Location Sharing With Friends & Family

The in-app location sharing option will help the employees to share their live location with their friends and family.

24/7 Helpline  (Chat, Call, Email)

We have a dedicated support team who will be available at all times to support and guide the employees in their journey.

Speed Limit

With the help of technology, we monitor the vehicle speed and make sure everything is under guidelines.

Safe Drop Confirmation

With the help of an automated protocol, we can ensure the safe drop of employees commuting in after the normal hours, especially female employees.


We abide by the industry rules

No female first pickup/last drop

Schedule your trips! With our application, employees can schedule their trips based on their work shifts. When needed an ad-hoc cab, They can raise a request from the application with just a few clicks.

Escort for the last drop during night shifts

Our routing algorithm raises a flag automatically and alerts the supervisors to allot an escort, if any female employee drop is scheduled between 8pm to 6am.

Cab & driver verification

All the Drivers & Cabs undergo a 3-layer verification process before on-boarding WhistleDrive. From Documents to the behaviour we screen every detail. And also we perform a document check at regular intervals to ensure all the licenses/certificates are up to date.

“Employee Transportation is an everyday activity and we move thousands of them. Hence we want to make it more safe with the help of technology. Abiding by the industry safety standards, our efforts on compliance and safety features in the application, we ensure that we create a safer environment for employees and partners”

– Rakesh Munnanooru, Founder & CEO

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