A Whistle of Hope: Delivering Oxygen Cylinders, Daily Essentials Amid the Pandemic 

We were doing really great by helping the corporates to manage their employee transportation, then suddenly Covid smacked us all down and we had no clue that the whole world will start working from their homes and continue to do so for future years. When the Government proclaimed the nationwide lockdown earlier in 2020, we were hoping that things would fall into place in a month. But when we sat back and gave a detailed outlook across, we certainly understood that the situation is going to be disastrous.

It was a real challenge for us as a company to shut down all our operations suddenly. Already A month passed for us with Zero revenue and we were not sure when we would gear up and grind. For us, this phase was “Do or Die”, and then, we did it. We Whistlers Launched a whole new business vertical, Enterprise Logistics with the service name, Whistle Truck. Though we had limited insight into the logistics space, we did not give up as we were determined to accomplish bigger things, together.

In just a year, WhistleDrive has withstood a transformational journey from being an Employee Transportation Company to torchbearers of Urban Mobility in India. We were helping businesses across IT & Software, BPOs, e-commerce, FMCG, Retail, Pharma, Manufacturing, etc. for both people and smart mobility. Be it moving desktops to employee’s homes or helping employees on hospital visits, we assisted them with everything. One-stop solution for their mobility needs, Whistle Drive.  

Alongside, we also offered interest-free loans to one of the worst-hit communities, the driver-partners. It helped them to sail through the tough times.#WhistleUnited.


Everyday Grocery items or Emergency Medical Oxygen Cylinders, we delivered them ON time. We are indeed proud of doing our part by delivering at the doorstep and enabling the country to fight the deadly virus, furthermore. We Transported the medical supplies and oxygen cylinders to the tier-2 and tier-3 cities across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu by partnering with 3 ports in India.  

And the appreciations we received along the way, from our clients means world to us!

The government had no other option than imposing the lockdowns with immediate effect, In the process, Migrant workers faced a lot of difficulties even to find food. To do our part we have partnered with a few NGOs and helped with the everyday essentials.  

Tough times made us tougher. We Whistlers assisted businesses, with people and operations and we promise to stand strong with them forever. 

WhistleDrive is committed to shield employee’s health & well-being and manage the challenges of the unprecedented times that we are witnessing for this COVID-19 pandemic. We are amongst the earliest organizations in India to run a Vaccine drive for the employees. It’s the spirit and enthusiasm of all the Whistlers that made this happen. Now we can loudly say “We all Whistlers are Vaccinated!!” 

Starting a new business vertical in the middle of a pandemic, thriving to make it work and ensuring that all our stakeholders are being safe (Drivers, Our Employees, Clients) has made us realize that we CAN do much bigger things and now we are on to building a Connected Urban Mobility Platform. 

 To Infinity and Beyond! 🚀

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