Whistle Stories: Our Sales Rockstar, who lights up the room!

Aditi Manchanda

My Mantra?

Work Hard, Stay Determined and You will get the Recognition you Deserve. 

A few years ago, people knew Aditi Manchanda as a person who had lots of insecurities and was always in a dilemma about her career options. I was fresh out of college when I joined WhistleDrive in 2019, as a Sales and Business Development Executive. 

At first, things were hard. I failed and sat back for a while but then I took my failures and rejections to my advantage, believed in one step at a time, and worked hard every day. Today, I am a strong confident woman passionately pursuing my career as an Assistant Manager of Sales and Business Development in this astounding company. Yeah, I got promoted! From an Executive to an Assistant Manager, the journey has been tremendous.

Whistle Stories: Aditi Manchanda

I’m learning a lot, each day. And at one point, I was rushing towards my goal and it made me so anxious, but with time I’ve gained more patience and now I believe great things take time! All thanks to my mentors, Rakesh Munnanooru and Rashmi Sanskrit for being a huge support throughout, they have been pushing away my comfort zone and made me meet a lot of people in the industry. This industry has given me a lot. It was great meeting people who share the same passion as mine.

While I am not working I usually play Squash and Binge-watch shows. I also started to develop the habit of reading novels. 

I always follow my heart in the course of succeeding in my dreams, I’m not a person who gives up. I love having a voice, I like to share my ideas clearly with my boss, and I’m thankful to my boss and my full team that they respect my ideas, we discuss more, and together we work on it. WhistleDrive is a place of innovative ideas, that’s how we make it possible. 

Today this company is just not a workplace for me, it has become a family, and I’m living in this family with some innovative people with dedicated missions and vision. 


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