Why this is THE best time for corporates to adopt technology in their Employee Transportation ?

We are in the digital age.  

There are innovations happening across the industries with technology and so are in transportation industry. But an innovation is only as good as its adoption. 

The technology and process methods are ever evolving, keeps taking a new shape according to the trends and requirements. One must be making use of all the resources available to achieve maximum efficiency in whatever work they do! 

Though the technology to automate the employee transportation along with the advanced safety features is available for the corporates to use, there is still some resistance in adopting it. May be because, Employee Transportation is one such business activity where in a slightest of change can alter the total business process, so for any change to happen it must be VERY calculated.  

In the normal days, the business activity at any company would be high and no chance to take up experiments or introduce new processes, it should be given its own sweet time.   

Also, most of companies follow a phased manner approach in introducing any new processes in the system and it works like charm. 

Let’s assume you are ready to use employee transportation technology, why is NOW the best time to adopt? 

Covid Safety Features

Face Mask, Sanitization, Temperature Checks are still mandatory for every one of us.  

The transportation manager should partner with the efficient transport vendor who can ensure all the safety & hygiene requirements at all times, without any exemptions. And at the same time, the vendors should keep a track of temperature checks and others manually or using mobile applications as shown below.

It keeps all the stakeholders informed and also boosts employee morale, confidence to work from the office.

100% Digitized Trips

The everyday transport process involves interacting with other stakeholders in signing the trip sheets, boarding confirmation etc.. With physical distancing as a norm, the technology helps us in handling all the processes using the mobile applications. i.e boarding confirmation, contacting the helpdesk etc.

Lesser Headcount

One of the core reasons of the low technology adoption rate is the complexity of technology implementation at a larger scale. The technology implementation takes time for the companies with higher headcount. So now the headcount of employees using transportation is low, it is easy and also ideal to implement and experiment with technology to understand it better. So that by the time everyone is back to office, half of the employees will be familiar with the transportation technology.

If you want to on how we can digitize your transportation process, contact us on hello@whistledrive.com


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