How medium and large companies can manage transportation in a hybrid workplace

Corporate employee transportation isn’t the same anymore! Due to COVID, there are companies who opted to work remotely, permanently and a few on a hybrid model, where employees can work from home for a few days in a week and the other days from office.

Working from home and working from office both have their advantages and disadvantages. What works best, depends on the industry, or nature of the company. 

Glad that we got COVID vaccine in the country, All thanks to the scientists, doctors and others. Along with the vaccination, the government also managed to plant the HOPE in businesses and other crucially affected areas.

And now many companies are planning to resume working from offices due to their own reasons. But not with 100% workforce, They want to do it in a phased manner. 

Consider a company with 1000 employees, might start working from an office with 20% (200 employees) for the first week and then slowly increase the count alongside with the necessary safety measures.

The Challenge

How do facility managers/transport admin would know the no.of employees coming to office in any given week?

This is one of the crucial elements in transportation. 

Only if the transportation manager is well-informed about the number of employees that need transportation, It eases the process. If a company has defined timelines where a specific team is working from office or the other then, it will help the facility managers to communicate with their transport partners and co-ordinate for assigning cabs accordingly.

But what if a company is following a flexible model? Where employees can work from the office whenever they wish. It is 100% beneficial for employees but makes things highly difficult for a transport manager to take care of their employee’s commute. Because in most of the cases, employees decide where to work just the day before, leaving very little time for transportation managers.

And then for a facility manager, the more the number of vendors he is dealing with, the higher the complexities, because things will not be clear till the last-minute in most cases.

So, coordination between the teams is very important and it should be highly effective.

Technology to the rescue

Technology serves as a platform to communicate and keeps all the stakeholders informed on the overall process. With features like self rostering, employees will be able to update their roster timelines when they want to work from the office using their application and the same will be notified or shared with the transport manager.  And then the facility/transport or concerned manager can approve considering the workplace occupancy and other specifics.

Once the transport manager approves it, the same should be directed to the vendor partners to assign a vehicle for the employee’s commute the following day. All of this can be done in just 2-5mins, if we have technology in place. Amazing Right?!

In addition, the transport manager could talk to the vendors and understand the buffer time they need to arrange a cab for pickup in anyday and consider communicating the same to the employees to ensure the smooth running of business.

Safety Measures during Transportation

Face Mask, Sanitization, Temperature Checks are still mandatory for every one of us. 

The transportation manager should partner with the efficient transport vendor who can ensure all the safety & hygiene requirements at all times, without any exemptions. And at the same time, the vendors should keep a track of temperature checks and others manually or using mobile applications as shown below.



It keeps all the stakeholders informed and also boosts employee morale, confidence to work from the office.

Let’s bring back the lost charm to the workplaces, together we can do it. If you want to know more on how WhistleDrive could help, feel free to reach us on

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