How COVID transformed Employee Transportation for the better


It’s been around 10months since we are working from homes, All the glittery Tech Parks which used to busy 24/7 are now left void without any action. 

It was the time of year when almost every business is on scaling spree for the new year. And then out of nowhere in March, just 3months after the new year, COVID-19 hit the country leaving us no choice but to halt all our operations.

Who would have thought that we would be at our homes for almost 10months in a single stretch? Totally Unpredictable, Right?!

As they whatever might happen, the Show must go ON! Likewise, all the corporates adopted the “New Normal” of Working From Home Culture, very quickly. Thanks to all the admin, facility, data teams of the corporates, They were the saviours.

Working From Home is the only option during lockdowns and with now we have govt approved vaccines around the world and are open to continuing our businesses as usual, with just little extra precautions.

Working from Home

It’s all good working from home while the whole nation is under lockdown, We had no choice. But then WFH has got more challenges for businesses with respect to data & security, productivity, building cultures etc. 

No matter the age we live in, We are “human-ly” connected to the core. We love interacting with others in-person than in a zoom call. It’s not so engaging to discuss and collaborate with other teammates working from home. We have to either stay on calls all the time or lose connections due to bad network. Calls and Calls round the clock.

And then the personal and professional work-life balance was also at risk while WFH. Remember closing your office work at 6 or 6:30 pm? Not many, right?! That’s the things, Not just you, we could see the same happening all around the world, people were spending more than 12hours doing office work. It’s too much work! 

And the other important thing is “ME-Time”, Earlier we used to have a commute time, where we spend time with our ONE-SELF, planning the day stuff, listening to music, podcasts or read books etc. But now staying home all the time, we couldn’t find time for all those things.

Overall our mental health is getting damaged with time and for a company, it has become impossible to build engaging work cultures. So it is THE time companies should resume their workplaces and start working from offices again.

There are very few companies who found WFH helpful, but then slowly everyone is turning towards the Hybrid model. (Few days WFH and the others WFO)

Ensuring Safety Measures at Workplace

The vaccine is out but still, COVID is here! We have to continue to maintain social distancing even at workplaces. The administration or Facility teams should ensure the recommended distancing between any two employee work desks, maybe using a sticker marking or other based on the infrastructure.

Be it at common places like canteens, meeting halls, restrooms, everywhere, social distancing has to be maintained. We have different mobile-based solutions which can alert the employee in case of the social distancing is forgotten, they could be a great help too!

And the “No Mask – No Entry” norm should be strictly enforced along with the temperature checks while entering the office premises.

Having sanitiser dispenser at the required places in the office helps the employees to stay sanitized every now and then while they touch any common places.

And one of the other key elements in ensuring employee hygiene and safety is during their commute. 

Its a no joke handling the transportation of employees of an entire company, it takes huge efforts in managing it even in normal circumstances. Now with covid, it takes god-level efforts. But in today’s world, we have “technology”

Technology in Employee Transportation

There was a time, Technology is perceived as a not-so-important necessity. But now, with COVID-19, it is important for everyone to ensure health & hygiene during the commute which is not possible without technology.

Contactless Trips

The everyday transport process involves interacting with other stakeholders in signing the trip sheets, boarding confirmation etc. With physical distancing as a norm, technology helps us in handling all the processes using mobile applications. i.e boarding confirmation, contacting the helpdesk etc.

Health & Hygiene

Keeping a track of daily health & hygiene checks related to vehicle and driver is a hassle. With technology, supervisors can record the daily wellness check status using their mobile application, which will be available for the transport admins in their dashboards.

Employee Convenience

Vehicle and Driver health & hygiene details boost the employee’ confidence to commute to the workplace, thereby improving their productivity. And with additional features like Live Tracking, On-demand request, 24*7 support adds a whole new seamless experience for the employees.

Ease of Operations

The health & hygiene checks, Rostering, Tracking and Billing add a lot of extra efforts to the transport teams. With technology, we can automate most of the processes involved and help us in streamlining and managing the overall process much better.

Technology is an enabler. We have to make use of resources for the better to achieve maximum efficiency. We hope everyone across the industry could benefit from the technology and start working from their offices very soon! 

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