Importance of Data and Technology in Logistics

Covid 19 has brought everything to halt, transport and logistics is one of the few industries that kept us moving forward. 

As the whole is waiting for the things to back normal and are working from their homes, the need for transparent data with real-time updates increased, especially in supply chain and logistics.

A customer who has ordered groceries from a retail supermarket, wants to get updated on every step of the order delivery process. In some cases, Customer would like to plan his routine based on the order delivery, So it’s very important for companies to provide a technology platform for their customers to keep updated and also technology will help in achieving the overall process efficiency.

So far Logistics companies are using technology and data to build forecasting models and event management algorithms, which are built using the data of things that happened in years gone by, and can give us great insights until everything is working as expected. But what happens if a pandemic comes and changes the whole game?! 

So it’s important to have dynamic technology & data practices in place, which are updated, every now and then.

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