Companies resuming offices in the middle of a pandemic

It’s been more than 7 months since the corporate workplaces lost their charm from operating with full packed teams to no-one working from offices. 

The pandemic has brought in many changes in our work life and as well as personal life. 

With the impact of covid getting stronger, many companies announced “Work From Home” for their employees for the next few months, possibly till December 2021.

It was all going great for the initial few days, working from the comfort zones and connecting through virtual meetings, but as the days passed by we got to see the real face “Work From Home”. 

Many corporate employees are suffering from health and mental issues for not being able to cope up with the work and failing to maintain a balance between personal and professional lives. Also many understood the importance of working from offices in terms of collaborations, having chats with colleagues, building cultures, and overall being productive in less-time.

And for the corporates the major concern is being productive and the data security, Which is highly difficult while employees working from the homes. 

So as per the latest unlock guidelines many companies resumed their workplaces with at least 30% of Workforce.

Is it a right decision to resume workplaces in the middle of a pandemic?

We as a country move forward by keeping our economy running, people MUST come out and do their thing, Be it operating their businesses, Travel, Entertainment etc.

With wide-spread of virus across the world and to restrict it in our country, our government decided to impose lockdowns. It helped in a way by slowing down the spread but it also cost many lives because of lack of work, food supplies and a major decline of 28% in the country’s GDP.

With all these happening around, now we are at a stage where we are clear of how the virus is spread and the right precautions to take. In a whole, we are now equipped with the required info but not vaccines. 

So what we can do is to have a face mask, use a sanitizer and do regular temperature checks while going out. It is VERY important to understand how the virus is spread and using the precautions wisely.

It is clearly understood that the vaccine is not going to launch anytime soon, It would take more than 6months to end the trials. Also it’s obvious we can’t keep doing the same for more doing, savings of almost everyone is burning. 

But, how can companies resume their workplaces? What precautions do they need to take?

The four most important things all the administration teams, facility teams should keep a note are,

    • Social Distancing
    • Face Mask
    • Temperature Checks
    • Sanitization
    • Employee Commute

Social Distancing: Be it work desks, Board rooms, Canteen spaces, Social Distancing should be made mandatory. A minimum of a two arm distance should be maintained.

Face Mask: No Mask, No Entry! A very strict rule of not allowing employees or any other persons into the campus without a face mask.

Temperature Checks: The security and admin teams should do temperature checks of every employee or any person before entering the workplace. And persons/employees with beyond normal temperature shouldn’t be allowed.

Sanitization: Having sanitization points around the campus and also deploying the house keeping teams to keep all the common spaces sanitized every 2-3hours.

Employee Commute: 

This is a challenge for the facility and transportation managers, because it isn’t easy to inform and educate employees, drivers and all the other stakeholders on how important it is to follow all the recommendations.

WhistleDrive being one of the fastest growing employee transportation companies in India, took the responsibility of making the lives of facility and transportation managers easier by developing the covid safety features in our applications and implementing the efficient operational practices.

If not 100%, Companies should start allowing their employees to work from offices gradually.

It isn’t the game of fear, It’s all about embracing the situation and bouncing back to the challenges. Together we can come out as winners from this pandemic. 

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