Intracity Logistics : Whistle Truck – Entering into new horizons

The times are tough but Whistlers are even stronger. 

Coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every business and every individual.

It literally took us by storm, all the plans we had for scale up were washed away. Started just 3 years ago with a vision to enable Smart Urban Mobility, it left us with no sight of corporates commuting to workplaces in the very near future. It’s going to take time

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’– Winston

Creating Waves, yet again:
“Some of the largest startups in the country re-invented themselves to adapt to the new normal. Taking their inspiration we re-assessed ourselves and in alignment with out long-term vision we decided to foray into Intracity Logistics! “


It’s been only a few months since we decided to pilot the intracity logistics and here we are working with 5 Top Brands in the country.

All thanks to our amazing team for their unmatched commitment and putting the utmost efforts in these challenging times. #GoWhistle.

And also heartfelt thanks to all our clients and well-wishes for believing and standing with us.

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