Technology adoption amid the global pandemic.

It feels true that In the process of fighting the obstacles we EVOLVE.

Though we are in the 21st century, the digital era, there is always a gap between Technology and its adoption in many industries like transportation, education, delivery services. 

But looks like, not anymore! COVID-19 has left us with so many learnings on a personal and professional note. With the whole country under lockdown, we are left with no choice but to use the technology to the greatest extent.

And the biggest game-changer is not the in-term adoption of technology but for all the chain of events that will drive towards a digitalisation.

How corporate transportation has evolved?

Technology is perceived as a not-so-important necessity. But now, with COVID-19, it is important for everyone to ensure health & hygiene during the commute which is not possible without technology.

How technology adoption is easing corporate transportation post-COVID-19?

Health & Hygiene:

Keeping a track of daily health & hygiene checks related to vehicle and driver is a hassle. With technology (Whistle Tech), supervisors can record the daily wellness check status using their mobile application, which will be available for the transport admins in their dashboards.

Contactless Trips:

The everyday transport process involves interacting with other stakeholders in signing the trip sheets, boarding confirmation etc.. With physical distancing as a norm, the technology helps us in handling all the processes using the mobile applications. i.e boarding confirmation, contacting the helpdesk etc.

Employee Convenience:

Vehicle and Driver health & hygiene details boost the employee’ confidence to commute to the workplace, thereby improving their productivity. And with additional features like Live Tracking, On-demand request, 24*7 support adds a whole new seamless experience for the employees.

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Ease of Operations:

The health & hygiene checks, Rostering, Tracking and Billing add a lot of extra efforts to the transport teams. With technology, we can automate most of the processes involved.

Technology is an enabler. We have to make use of resources for the better to achieve maximum efficiency.

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