How WhistleDrive is ensuring the Safety of Corporate Employees during their daily travel?

Employee transportation is all about just providing the cabs. Isn’t it?

No, it’s not!

Mostly it is perceived as a fleet or fleet and software, but there is something beyond just transportation. 

It’s employee safety and security.

According to a report54 per cent of the Indian women are leaving the workforce due to safety concerns. This is the high time that corporate transportation management teams should focus on the safety of their employees.

“Employee Transportation is an everyday activity and we move thousands of them. Hence we want to make it more safe with the help of technology. Abiding by the industry safety standards, our efforts on compliance and background checks, safety features in the application, we ensure that we create a safer environment for employees and partners. We will go that extra mile for safety”  – Rakesh Munnanooru.

Our efforts towards the Safety starts, not just during the ride, It starts a from on-boarding the cabs & drivers.

With the help of technology, we ensure employee safety at all levels of the journey with WhistleDrive. At both the operational level and during the employee journey, we make sure that everything is monitored.

At the Operational level, We ensure that

  • All our cabs and drivers undergo a stringent 3-layer verification process before onboarding (including Police Verification certificate).
  • All cabs are fit and are equipped with a first-aid medical kit, fire extinguishers, umbrella, torchlight, tool kit etc for employee safety.
  • Our compliance and EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) teams are on duty to check and verify the documents, frequent alcohol checks and more.

Technologically, our application will help with,

Number Masking: For privacy concerns, all calls between the employee and driver are connected using a bridge number.

Live Location Sharing: During the travel, employees can share their live location with their family members and friends.

SOS button: In case of emergencies, the employees can use the SOS button, which alerts the employee transportation teams, WhistleDrive team and their emergency contacts by sending a voice call and a text message with the live location tracking link.

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And the industry is very specific when it comes to employee safety and we abide by,

  • No Women Employee will be picked first and dropped last during the trips between 8 PM and 6 AM. 
    • Our routing algorithm raises a flag automatically and alerts the supervisors & transportation team to allot an escort if any female employee last drop & first pick up is scheduled between 8 pm to 6 am.

Command Centre & Live Tracking Dashboards

We have a dedicated team to monitor all the trips and are available to resolve all the queries for both employees and drivers at any given time. Our Clients are provided with a customized dashboard where they can have an eagle eye view and can track all the trips along with their live location stats.

If there are any alerts to be notified, It will appear on the dashboards accordingly. (Refer: Live Tracking Dashboard)

  • Route Deviation Alerts – If any cab is moving out of the assigned geo-fence
  • SOS Alerts – When an employee uses the SOS button
  • Network Disconnected Alerts – If any cab goes away from the Network
  • Over-Speeding – If any cab is moving at high speed than the speed limit
  • Cab Delay Alerts – If any cab is delayed on the schedule
  • Idle Alerts – If the cab is idle for more than 10minutes

Apart from that,

We train and educate our drivers and employees on safety by conducting regular workshops.

We are committed to going that extra mile (With our mission) “to transport million people a day to work and places they love through a technology-enabled, efficient and safe transportation”.

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