Employee Transportation – Doing it in Tesla Way!!

Yo! We are Serious. No typos in the title 🙂

From breaking patterns in the Electric Car Design to the ultimate use of technology, we have got so much to learn from Tesla.

Let’s dig the details,

Started in 2003, Elon Musk and his team at Tesla introduced their first car, Tesla Roadster to showcase the capabilities of an all-electric car.

But not just any ordinary electric car, A Masterpiece in terms of Design and Technology.

Source: Tesla Model 3 (Official Website)

P.S: Looks amazing, isn’t it? 

What made it so Extraordinary?

Apart from going Electric and its Design what made it spectacular is its technology features.

Importantly, the Autopilot feature creating a platform to connect the car hardware with the real-time data and flexibility to run on its own. They were able to integrate the Hardware and Software of the vehicle, building an efficient automobile at a much lesser price. 

But why are we boasting about Tesla now? 

Rakesh Munnanooru, our Founder & CEO got a chance to drive Tesla Model 3 during his recent trip to the US. And literally, he is in love with it, thereafter. But what made him disappointed is the point that we are behind the times.

“We are living in a world where on one side an automotive can drive itself and on the other end we are still using the same old processes in the corporate transportation space.”

With the help of technology, we are at a point of automating most of the processes and capable of providing a superior experience to the users. But still, we are reluctant to use the latest technologies.

How does it relate to Employee Transportation – WhistleDrive?

Started with providing the Fleet Services to the corporates and after understanding all the ground challenges we are able to develop an in-house technology which can automate the key processes in the corporate transportation like Rostering, Route Planning, On-boarding Fleet, Cab Assignment, Billings and Reports. And in addition separate applications for all the Stakeholders which includes all the advanced features along with the safety & security. 

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With all the things in place, It would be very easy for the operations team to manage the whole transportation process and for the corporates can have an eagle-eye view of the whole process.

(Hardware+Software) Tesla = (Operations +Technology) Whistle

And the important thing is that technology is a catalyst to make things easier and reduce the costs but in the current corporate transportation space it is perceived as a different solution and the corporates are shedding their money heavily. We at WhistleDrive believe that technology is an enabler that empowers the operations, so it shouldn’t be charged that’s the reason we provide technology as a default for all our clients.

Makes sense, right?

Let’s use technology to make our lives easier without adding up the costs.

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