Is the corporate world moving towards the gig economy? | Bhargavi Swami | #TheRoadAhead

What is the FUTURE? Is it WFO or WFH or WFA?ūü§Ē

(WFA – Work From Anywhere)

Check out the insights from¬†Bhargavi Swami, CEO of Excel Corporation, and one of the most experienced leaders in the HR Industry. Bhargavi Swami is the host of one of the most celebrated podcasts, “People Who Matter” with more than 2 Million downloads. ūüöÄ

Check it out,

#TheRoadAhead is a campaign initiated by WhistleDrive with an intent to get together the industry leaders in facilities, HR, transportation, and administration to share the expertise.

The insights from the leaders will help the companies in planning and execute best practices to ensure safer transportation for employees.

Industry insights are very important now than ever before, due to the changing times. This platform creates the space to share the industry leaders views and perspectives on the best practices.

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