Creating Safe & Delightful Workplaces in post-COVID World | Wg Cdr Srikanth | #TheRoadAhead

Are your employees really happy to come to the office?😑 #TheRoadAhead

The Facility Managers and Admin teams should create a safe & healthy environment in the workplace where employees are happy to come to the office!!🤝

Listen to insights from Wg Cdr Srikanth Balagandar, Director of Corporate Services, Pegasystems and One of the great leaders in the industry with experience in leading the administrative services at our country’s prestigious organization 🚀

Check out the full video here:

#TheRoadAhead is a campaign initiated by WhistleDrive with an intent to get together the industry leaders in facilities, transportation, and administration to perceive Transportation, technology and the future of it.

The insights from the leaders will help the companies in planning and execute best practices to ensure safer transportation for employees.

Industry insights are very important now than ever before, due to the changing times. This platform creates the space to share the industry leaders views and perspectives on the best practices.

Hope this sincere effort of ours will add value to you, If you have any specific queries to be answered mention those in the comments or you can send us an email on

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