Shared Mobility for the Shared office spaces!

The co-working spaces/ Shared office Spaces are the current trend in the corporate space. This phase is very evident in major cities in India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, and Delhi. This is sheerly an outcome in all the cities where startups are rapidly growing.

The big players like WeWork, OYO are taking advantage of giving a huge push for co-working spaces and it looks like 2019 is just the beginning of the ‘coworking revolution’.

And with the huge encouragement from state and central governments, all coworking spaces are becoming better and more affordable for startups and mid-size companies.

All this opened the opportunities to build a community, not just in sharing the office space but a lot more like Shared Mobility.

Shared mobility:

Shared Mobility refers to the mode of transportation which is shared by the users on a needed basis. These can be a 2- wheeler, 4-Wheeler or any as long as it can be shared with others. 

Shared mobility helps in better utilization of the fleet and in turn reducing the pollution, traffic congestion caused by motor vehicles.

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Based on their operations, we have a few different shared mobility models,


Ridesourcing refers to on-demand services that connect users to the drivers of personal vehicles, who are using it as commercial vehicles. These services are facilitated with the help of Online Platforms like Ola, Uber, and Rapido.


Sharing the ride with others who are travelling in the same route or location. The fare is split between the riders. Currently, Ola and Uber are offering the Ride Splitting services with the name Ola CarPool and Uber Carpool.

Micro Transit

These are generally vans and buses which operate on a fixed schedule and routes and are privately held. These are technology-enabled.

Bike/ car Sharing

Here the users pay an amount to obtain or return bike/car at the pickup & drop off stations. Typically, the operators manage the Fleet, Fuel, and Parking, we as an individual can use and make the payment based on an hourly basis or no.of kilometres driven. Ex: Vogo

Shared mobility not only opened the doors for an innovative business opportunity but a lifestyle with,

  • More mobility choices
  • Reduced traffic congestion
  • Mitigating pollution
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Improving efficiency
  • Convenient mobility options for those who can’t buy and maintain a vehicle.

Shared Mobility is doing great for on-demand services. But, how does it work with the co-working spaces, where different companies are sharing the same space? 

Let’s have a look.

In coworking spaces, the employees belong to different companies and they travel from different locations in the city and on different work schedules.

So, it’s a challenge for the Coworking space organizers to provide transportation So is it for the companies in the space.

And that’s where exactly WhistleDrive fits in! 

Based on the company’s requirement, we provide tailor-made services for corporate employee transportation. 

Let’s say, a company with employees of around 10-15 employees having their office in a co-working space wants to provide the transportation facility to their employees, We at WhistleDrive can provide an efficient and cost-effective solution based on the Work timings, Drop locations, Trip distance etc.

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Or the other way it would be more efficient where the Office space organization team taking the responsibility of the transportation too! The Co-working Spaces organizers can include the transportation charges in the overall billings and distribute the charges among the different companies who have taken the services. In case the number of employees in a company is very small, then we can team up with the other company employees with whom you are sharing the office space. Either choosing a point pickup or home pick up, it works great both the ways. This way we can save a lot on transportation costs and parking fees by having a safe and comfortable ride. 

After all, it’s a win-win for everyone!

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