Transportation As A Service (TaaS) – What do we mean by this?

With the advent of SaaS (Software As A Service), many industries are now moving towards digital transformation, and the transportation industry is no exemption. The technology has made our travel much better with live location tracking and other safety features. On-demand service operators like Uber and Ola are running successfully in India. And also the only two-wheeler operators like Rapido are doing great.

But what about corporate transportation? How can we make it better?

By making the shift from just providing a solution to providing service.

Not clear? Let me explain.

Solution: A means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

Service: The action of helping or doing work for someone.

In the present market, the scenario is such that both the technology and the fleet are served as a different solution. When each service is provided by a different company, it will be difficult for a specific team to understand the challenges on the other end, which results in losses for corporates. Of course, transportation isn’t one man can do it all, thing! It involves more people, vehicles, a lot of planning and execution where the control of operations is very crucial.

So, with the aim of providing full control to the corporates, WhistleDrive provides an integrated solution: Transportation As A Service (TAAS).

What do we offer in TaaS?

We at WhistleDrive believe that technology is always and should be an enabler, to make things better. So, with the help of Whistle Tech software, we provide an integrated solution: Fleet + Software + On-ground Support.

-> We provide a fully compliant fleet which is smartphone-enabled. All the cab documents and driver details are verified in a transparent manner including the regular performance checks.

-> Our Whistle Tech software does it all, from rostering to billing. It comes with all the latest security features and advanced reports, which helps in identifying the possibilities for optimization.

-> Our on-ground support team will be available in-person at your campus for any queries and looks after everyday operations. In addition to this, you will have access to a 24/7 dedicated support team.

What are the benefits of choosing an integrated service?

The Control

Be it the fleet, technology, and the on-ground support team, you’ll have access to all of it under one umbrella. The chances of errors will be very minimal.

Cost Savings

As said, we believe technology is an enabler to make things easy. So we don’t charge in-separate for the technology while you use the fleet. It is a default and with our advanced routing algorithms, you would also save a lot on the trips with optimized routes and seat occupancy.

Less to No Work for Corporates

Because we handle on their behalf. We make sure that every employee travels safely to and from the office. Our on-ground supervisors will take care of the daily activities and our support team will be available for any queries.

Detailed Reporting

We provide the details reports on the number of trips completed, no. of escorts, timings, distance, etc. on a monthly and weekly basis. These reports give great insights for transportation teams which will help them in making the process more efficient. 

This also adds more transparency as the company stakeholders can view the reports at any given point of time.

Interested to know more about our TaaS Model?

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