The Road Ahead | WhistleDrive raises ₹72 crores from Colosseum Group

It is with an immense commitment that we announce that we raised ₹72 crores from Chicago-based Colosseum Group in our Series B funding.

Colosseum Group is a global investment firm that aims to empower people and create opportunities to solve major challenges in today’s industries using technology. Colosseum Group has invested in our company for the second time in a row.

Explaining the notion behind the re-investment, Chairman of the Colosseum Group, Shailu Tipparaju said,

 ‘WhistleDrive team’s mission and execution echo the core of the Colosseum Group’s value system. In addition to the significant value they add to the transportation industry via their well-built scalable solution, we are excited to be associated with the Young Indian amazing team! The company roadmap is robust and we found it is the right time to reinvest in their growth story’.

Since our launch of Employee Transportation, we have been on a mission to use our technology ‘Whistle Tech’, to automate employee transportation, through our flagship Transportation As A Service (TaaS) services. 

In the last three years, we have become India’s fastest-growing transportation company, with 700+ fleet and providing services in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai. 

WhistleDrive has also bagged several prestigious awards including ’10 Best Startups in Hyderabad, 2018′, ‘The 50 Emerging Startups in India – 2019’ among many.

We are delighted to have hit this milestone and we look forward to becoming the leader in India’s transportation industry. In the next one year, we are aiming to grow 10 folds with the investment, advance our technology and disrupt the employee transportation industry in two more cities offering our Transportation As A Service (TaaS) services. We also aim at increasing the number of trips to 10 lakh trips, from one lakh currently.

Transportation is not one-size-fits-all

WhistleDrive provides the corporations three solutions Whistle Fleet, Whistle Shuttle and Whistle 360°. 

Whistle Fleet is an industry compliant fleet managed by an expert team to handle operational complexities in the employee journey. 

Whistle Shuttle are shuttle services for that last-mile connectivity from Metros and other access points across cities. 

Whistle 360° is a tailored and fully managed solution with a dedicated team, Operations experts and round-the-clock support. WhistleDrive also focuses on passengers’ safety at all levels of the journey. Safety features in our solutions include Number Masking, SOS Alerts, 24/7 helpline, Location Sharing with Family and Alerts on Route Deviation.

Our Founder & CEO Rakesh Munnanooru says,
“All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of you as stakeholders: employees, corporations, and partners. Thank you for supporting us every step of the way”.

Thank you!

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