Wish you a great career ahead, Grads!

A great day at the Indian School of Business addressing the graduates of the Tech Entrepreneur Program.

In the past decade or two, the top disruptive industry that has kept ever growing globally is ‘Technology’. It has not only changed the technology industry but also every other industry that is there today.
It is enabling us to move from places and do things like never before.

In such a daily evolving industry, dynamic approach in Entrepreneurship and the mindset of it is a must to quickly compliment the business.

We, being a part of the technology that is moving people to work and places, we have been working with so many veterans and industry experts from tech and transportation. Technology has become an integral part of the whole system at WhistleDrive and that is what is helping us to build a smart transportation ecosystem.

Along with dignitaries from Telangana Government’s ‘Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge’ (TASK) in association with the Indian School of Business, we had the great pleasure of addressing the Tech Entrepreneur graduates. It was amazing to see a lot of tech entrepreneurship graduates and we loved to share our experiences and learnings with the young brains that are hungry to achieve big.

“I’m also from the tech background. And since the time I was in my college, I’m fascinated towards Entrepreneurship and Technology. Sometime later, I decided to work on technology that will make a difference in people’s busy lives. Some time after my graduation, I decided to start WhistleDrive.” Rakesh says.

And he continues saying
“And it’s gives a lot of enthusiasm to address the graduates who fall under the same roof. Tech and Entrepreneurship is a deadly combination and I love it. Loved every moment there sharing WhistleDrive experiences and the scope in technology in transportation.”

One of the key factors that helped WhistleDrive to drive faster is technology and the same would go with any other business. We at WhistleDrive believe that technology can help people in moving safely with smart mobility and in building a smart transportation ecosystem altogether.

“In fact, I’m fortunate to have a mentor who is a Tech Entrepreneur who had built world-class products for huge corporations. It has helped me and WhistleDrive in taking the leap very quickly.” Rakesh concludes.

Our special thanks to the ‘Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge’ (TASK) and the Indian School of Business for making us a part of it.

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