Why WhistleDrive Employee Transportation Management Solution is economical?

Wondering how is WhistleDrive providing Employee Transportation with the best in class facilities at the most economical fares?
Here is the detailed how!

  1. The software is complimentary!
    No amount is charged for the software that is powered with Live Location tracking, Artificial Intelligence drew deep insightful analytics (Metrics Dashboard), End to End Automation and Employee Safety.
  2. No Installation or shifting charges.
    Any transportation technology company in the country today is charging at least from 2 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs based on the volume of the business. And we also don’t charge extra even while shifting it to us.
  3. The Hybrid fleet model.
    WhistleDrive has about 125 own fleet and the remaining cabs are the partnered, WhistleDrive will club both kinds of cabs to ensure that the price burden for the client is always less.
  4. Data transparency & Automated billing!
    Though WhistleDrive technology enables employees and drivers with seamless Employee Transportation, WhistleDrive eliminates inaccurate billing as all the trips are recorded and the billings are automated by the software, there are no chances of billing manipulation and the data is always accessible to the management to verify at any given point of time.
  5. End to End Operational Support.
    Integrated technology helps in seamless operations of the ground team at the client location and central control stations at WhistleDrive offices, it minimises the additional personnel support required and the cost it incurs.

All this will make the entire process more seamless for Employees, Corporations, Transportation department as well as for cab partners.
And we know that companies are wiser in choosing the most cost-effective, quick and reliable employee transportation.

Here are a few clients who are benefitting with WhistleDrive Employee Transportation Solution.

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