I don’t just earn money, but also respect!

An ever smiling face you see with a WhistleDrive hat on top! Yes, He is Hari Krishna, a proud WhistleDrive partner.

“I don’t just earn money, but also respect!”- Hari

  • Meet Hari Krishna, one of our most humble and top-performing driver-partners.

Hari Krishna- a back-office admin at a popular Telugu news channel, wanted to support his financial needs and joined WhistleDrive as a driver-partner back in 2017.

Krishna worked as a part-time driver for app-based cab aggregators but it was very stressful for him to balance his full-time work and later on, he had to quit.

It was tough and stressful!

“It was a tough time for me then and I had to earn more money to support my family. I came to know about WhistleDrive from one of my friends. I attended the interview and then I went through a driving test and behavioral training on weekends. And finally joined as a part-time driver.”- Krishna says.

Being a full-time employee, he checks his availability and takes up rides.

Respect also matters!

I feel very much happy when customers treat me with respect. Few customers also offered me food at restaurants when I went for outstation trips. And when I joinedWhistleDrive, I thought that I should not just earn but I should earn with respect. And I earn nothing less than 15000 rupees every month.~Krishna adds.

And his dedication and sincerity always made customers rate him 4.5 and above out of 5 and his overall rating is 4.8 out of 5 in his entire 687 rides.

We are glad that WhistleDrive has such a humble and sincere driver-partner like Hari Krishna with us in making customers move safely, comfortably and delightful at the same time. He has set an example for several other driver-partners.

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