Employee Transportation Redefined

Employee Transportation Solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Automation!

Employee Transportation has been so traditional all these decades.

Generally, Employee Transportation involves Thousands of employees, Hundreds of cabs, Multiple login timings and a dedicated Fleet management department. Apart from this, a ton of effort goes into manual route optimization, cab occupancy optimization, and whatnot. On top of these, there is no real-time tracking for cabs on maps.

So, Transportation team ultimately doesn’t have any control over this entire process which leads to a monotonous effort in following up the cabs about the pickups and drop-offs of employees. Tracking the safety of employees is also highly tough and it is highly inefficient.

Comparison between Traditional Transportation and Software Powered Employee Transportation Solution

To all these traditional transportation hiccups, software integration will be the final answer.

Analysis of Traditional Employee Transportation and A software solution:

Comparison between Traditional Transportation and Software Powered Employee Transportation Solution

and more…

Considering all the operational issues, Software will enable a very smooth flow in operations to the drivers, employees, and companies. All the software does is, it eliminates all the manual effort and does till the end to end automation in the very minimal time.

How does AI do Route optimization?

All it needs is the data of employee shifts/rosters and location data into the system and the software automatically forms employee clusters (typically of 4–7 members depending on the type of cabs used), creates routes, assigns cabs and schedules the pick-ups and drops.

The artificial intelligence will make the A/B testing or multi-variant testing and gives the best possible routes that will ensure cost efficiency and better cab occupancy management.

This way, administration managers can reduce the efficiency of the software and have control over the whole process. And it also drives descriptive and prescriptive analytics that will show the scope for optimization.

The Eagle-Eye view

Our activity tracking dashboard and reports give more power to the admins and transportation team. They will have a holistic view of the operations live at any given point of time.

Live Location Tracking Dashboard that shows the status of each cab with special alerts on SOS, Cab delays, cab-overspeeding etc.

Admins get alerts immediately when there is a cab delay or an employee no-show or cab overspeeding and other important key metrics that he has to know.

And Employee app has special safety features like SOS. When an employee feels uncomfortable traveling in the cab, they can click on the SOS button in the app and it immediately alerts the admin team and their emergency contacts along with a live location tracking link. This is to ensure safety for the women employees who work in the night shifts.

And all the to and fro call made in between drivers and employees via the app is bridged with toll-free number and original numbers of both the parties are not shown to maintain employee privacy.

Technology in Employee Transportation will streamline the whole process and make it more cost-effective, efficient and seamless.

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